Kids, always random, and can make everything to fun games. But the hard cold reality is there is still many kids can’t enjoy a decent education. And there is also many schools that lack of proper facilities and teachers.
Help could be given in so many ways. (at Indonesia)

Giving inspiration is one hard thing to do if we don’t have any confident in ourself. But of course we must believe in the younger generation also.
The photo taken when I done some works for “Kelas Inspirasi Bandung (Inspiration Class of Bandung)”, a NGO focuses in education and future for younger generations. (at Indonesia)


Using shampo to create a mohawk hairstyle when you was a little boy? Well I still do that. This mirror were my silent witness, I see myself become a “bathroom rockstar” to “shampoo punk kid”.
It’s not in my parent’s house or my own place, but it’s my grandparent’s. Since they passed away the house were so quiet. (at Indonesia)

at Indonesia

Go in with the sun an back with the moon. The road light always catches my attention, I just realized sometimes I stare too much. (at Indonesia)

Chaos consume, Jakarta. (at Indonesia)

When in doubt, despair, and lost find a good place to read. And read those books! Write something and just lost. (at Indonesia)

Morning everybody, in a rush? Just a minute late and you will stuck in the traffic. (at Indonesia)

Small (at Indonesia)