Senja. It’s you. (at Fakultas Ilmu Komunikasi UNPAD)

A late coffee, looking for wi-fi but it’s not working. When Indonesia got fast and easy wi-fi everywhere and anytime?

"Peeking Development"
It’s already be culture in general marketing for education institution in Indonesia to show what they got, with development in building.

Rather than showing their improvement in research, they show pictures of new buildings.

See & See(k)

Don’t we all have memories that stuck in our mind? A moment when we see something or someone we experienced a brief flashback.

"I wander seeing you all playing and laughing. Even you know I’m here, you can see me, just sometimes you feel me."

From my on going project “See & See(k)”

Music: Boga by Amiina

Hey hello, that little person in the middle is my big sister. The photo taken on our hiking trip to Mount Semeru last year. Well she is a bit small for normal people size (in asia), but she got heavy-loaded energy to get mad at you hahaha. (at Oro-oro Ombo, Mount Semeru)

Tower & Layer

Catching the bus at Jatinegara Transjakarta bus station.

Vague Blur of Hope: Landscape of Our Education (at My Bloody Valentine - When You Sleep)

The Metal Kids. They really don’t know what that sign means. But fot them it looks cool. I wonder will they still into Metal and deep into the scene.